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danaI have always been fascinated with the human brain — how it works and it’s amazing potential — and so began my education in Hypnotherapy. I was privileged to study under Ray and Joni Zukowski at Aldebaran Hypnotherapy Center, where I encountered a rigorous 200 hour curriculum. This included study into many levels of hypnosis and techniques including Parts Therapy, Regression Therapy, Benefits Approach, in addition to several advanced specialties.

As a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, and the American Hypnosis Association, I am required to complete a minimum of 30 hours per year of continuing education. To date, I have chosen additional training on pain management, senior needs, PTSD, and fertility.

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Can I be Hypnotized

Trees in a forestMany tests have been conducted to answer this question, with varying responses.  One way to gauge the results is to divide people into 3 types, with High, Medium, and Low susceptibility to hypnosis.  From this range, it has been found that approximately 10% of people are high, 80% are medium, and 10% are low.  People who are imaginative, creative, of medium or higher intelligence, self directed, and can fantasize find it easy to move into a hypnotic state.  Current studies are being conducted into a feasible genetic connection of hypnotizability.

However, I find there are many factors that affect your susceptibility, like how you slept the night before, how much coffee you drank, or what medications you may be using. In the same way you find it easy to fall asleep some nights, but lay in bed for hours on others, some days you may be able to slide deeply into hypnosis, on others it may be more difficult. I have many techniques to assist you if you are on the low susceptibility scale, or just having a low day.

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