Fears and Anxiety

man with hands on faceFears and Anxiety.

Fears and anxious thoughts can interfere with our ability to live life in a healthy manner.

Clients often feel alone and frustrated because they cannot handle everyday situations.  If that is how you feel, please know that you are not alone.  Indeed, this is the main reason people seek out a mental health professional.  There is evidence that anxiety may be genetic in origin, but that does not mean it cannot be effectively managed.  We’ll work together to stop your cyclical thought patterns and replace anxious thoughts with healthy future-oriented messages — all while teaching your body to relax.

After learning techniques to control yourself in situations that set off your discomfort, we will then look for the core cause of your issue.

Understanding and releasing emotions around your core cause can allow you to move forward in confidence, knowing that you are now in control.

Every case will vary, but usually three to five sessions are needed for fears and anxious thinking.

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