Free Consultation

FREE CONSULTATION: I always offer a free consultation. We will discuss the issue you would like to address, and I will assess your visual/auditory/kinesthetic senses to see what methods will be most effective with you. I will explain my approach and give a clear answer to the number of sessions needed.

If you choose to book future time with me, I may induct you for a brief hypnosis session. This will help me assess your hypnotizability, as well as let you experience hypnosis.

I will also give you an MP3 to listen to at home, which will “train” your mind to easily enter a nice state of hypnosis when you come back for your first session. Any questions you may have can be addressed during this free consultation.

ADDITIONAL: You will receive a stress reduction MP3 that I have prepared just for you. In addition to reducing your stress, listening between the free consultation and our first session continues to train your mind to slip comfortably into a beneficial state of hypnosis. After our first session, I will send you a new MP3 focused on your issue. Regular listening will help ensure your success.


Contact me today so we can schedule your hypnotherapy session.

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