Stress Management


Everyone encounters stress — but it truly can be beneficial, when properly managed.

Stress can be a motivator for change and can help you accomplish goals that are out of your comfort zone.

However, when you allow stress to build without release, it can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. I teach a variety of techniques for stress release. Anchored during a state of hypnosis, these techniques can be powerful tools for your everyday life.

In addition, I will look for the core cause of your reaction to stress. Identifying and releasing the cause allows your subconscious to “get in sync” with your conscious mind, encouraging new healthier patterns to emerge.

A minimum of three sessions is most beneficial for stress management.

Articles about hypnosis and stress management:

Studies related to hypnosis and stress: Effects_of_Hypnotically_Induced_Acute_Emotional.10.aspx